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Art of Leadership

for TEAMS and individual leaders

The one and two day "Art of Leadership" programs build agility, trust and cohesion within new, changing, diverse or virtual teams. 

As machines will start replacing a lot of what we are capable of doing as humans, the future of work will need to engage the human learning capability fully - mind, body and belief systems - so we can learn to differentiate our capabilities from machines. The Art of Leadership workshops builds competencies that involve mastery of human nature, such as Change Leadership, Inclusion, Culture of Agility and  Compassionate Leadership that will set successful leaders apart from the rest.


for individual leaders and professionals

As we deal with increased access to information, more pressure at work and a faster pace of life, horse assisted coaching helps you tap into your authentic strengths and values to bring you closer to your goals. 

Feedback from horses is rapid, and continuous until you succeed at engaging their trust. These rapid feedback loops and continuous improvements in the field create insights that get etched in the cellular memory of the whole body as you walk alongside horses. 

We combine horse assisted coaching with the ethics, standards and process of the International Coach Federation to deliver long lasting powerful results.


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Are you looking for innovative and novel development solutions to build the future of work? Together with our founder and partners, we have a solid track record of international experience within corporate Human Resources - both in HR business partnership and in leadership and organisation development. We have been on your side of the fence and speak your language. We therefore work closely with you to co-create bespoke solutions that solve problems specific to your organisation and business context.