Riddhima Kowley, Coach and Facilitator Bio

Riddhima is a coach, consultant and facilitator with an honest and straightforward, yet compassionate style. She uses a strengths-based approach, anchored in positive psychology. She has a deep understanding of various cultures, speaks several languages and creates highly inclusive spaces for diverse individuals and teams to learn.

Riddhima grew up in Pune, India and currently lives in London, UK. She left India to study abroad in 2002 and has been living an international life ever since. Over the last 16 years, she has studied, lived and worked in the Netherlands, France, India, Egypt and the UK. With an academic background in Psychology and Social Sciences, she is a senior Human Resources consultant, specialising in Learning and Leadership Development. She has spent 12 years working in various international roles across Alcatel-Lucent and Vodafone Groups before setting up NIRSARA Ltd. in 2017.


Learning and development has been her passion from the start. She has always been curious about how to bring out the best in individuals and teams, no matter what background or ability. This drove her to build several international teams and help them grow through innovative development methods and approaches. She has facilitated behaviour change and collaboration in senior leadership teams in times of transformation. She has spent hundreds of hours coaching people on areas of emotional intelligence, effective communication, team cohesiveness, organisation and change leadership; and holds an Associate Business Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. Her recent areas of coaching expand to confidence and self-leadership.

Her experience on the ‘company’ side of the fence made her see that most learning and development solutions take a long time to deliver the behaviour change desired; and the change is often short lasting where old behaviours start to surface shortly after a workshop or training. Her desire to find an approach that delivers accelerated and long lasting behaviour change led her to a next generation learning and development approach such as horse assisted education.


Riddhima is a trained HorseDream Licensed Partner and is a member of the International Association of Horse Assisted Education – the largest worldwide community of horse assisted educators. Since this journey began in 2017, her personal coach has been ‘Bill’ – her first horse. Riddhima is passionate about coaching individuals and teams, especially with the help of horses. This is because horses reflect our energy and provide instant feedback on what is going on inside of us. This unique experiential learning approach focuses on addressing individuals and teams’ internal needs, wants and fears. It is different, and some say “more refreshing and authentic”, than traditional classroom training techniques.

She believes that in an era where a lot of human activities/tasks will increasingly be replaced by machines, we must develop our “higher faculties” which will differentiate us and bring out our ‘higher selves’. What horses teach us, cannot be replicated by machines. Horses will enable us to tap into what differentiates us. Riddhima is eager to show you how.

To organise a Taster workshop near you, write to riddhima@nirsara.com