NIRSARA is blessed with amazing partners and their venues that share the ETHOS and SPIRIT of NIRSARA. Click on each of their photos to find out more about them.

If one of our venues don't work, we will come to you. We will find a venue that works for you - don't let logistics come in the way of you and this powerful experience. Simply let us know what suits you best, and we will work it out!


David Harris,
Founder, Acorns2Oaks Coaching

Dave is my teacher on the HorseDream program.
He inspired me to 'take the plunge' and is a true role model for Equine Guided Educators who want to awaken more consciousness within the business and leadership world! 
David and Sharon Harris and their herd are based in Ascot, UK. 


Wendy Firmin Price,
Founder, HEART Centre Equine Assisted Coaching & Therapy

Wendy is my holistic riding coach.
She has helped me fulfill my lifelong dream of learning how to ride bareback and bitless. Wendy and her herd are also my spiritual guides, helping me live what's best within me day-to-day.
Wendy and John and their herd are Based in Surrey, UK


Louise Whiting
Founder, Waves Training Solutions

Lou is my delivery partner and friend. She set up Waves as an end-to-end training solution company to take teams through the journey of Patrick Lencioni's model: 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team. She couples this with experiential learning solutions.
Lou and Frank and their herd are based in Stonehenge, UK


"Bill" (aka Mallsgate Montana)

Bill is a 17 year old gelding who was meant to be a polo horse, however life had other plans for him. He is now in the peak of his new career - Equine Assisted Coaching. He is a friendly, curious, playful, sensitive and (as you can see) beautiful horse, who is an absolute joy to work with. Bill delivers most of NIRSARA's individual coaching services with me as his assistant. :-)
Bill lives in the Surrey, UK