Horses Wake Up Our Compassion

'Horses Wake Up Our Compassion'

An excerpt:

"That very instant, Phoebe got up on all her fours, shook the mud off her bodywith an energy of intention, and stood square – facing me, as if to say ‘I am ready now, let’s play.’

What followed was the most astute experience of ‘Distance and Nearness’ I have ever had with anybody – out of my own choice. It was like a dance. A dance where the only feelings present between the horse and I were Respect, Trust and most importantly, Compassion. 

Horses show us when we are not operating from a place of compassion – with ourselves to begin with. And self-compassion is the key to being compassionate with others. If we cannot be compassionate towards ourselves, we cannot be compassionate towards others."

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Horses Connect Us To Our True Self

As I have recently started working on bringing Horse Assisted Education into the corporate learning and development space, I realise that there is very little awareness about this powerful approach to leadership and team development. There is very little awareness of its existence and the ease of access we have to it. And there is even lesser understanding of why the experience is so impactful in bringing out the authentic leadership qualities that we carry within us. Through this blog series I hope to create awareness and understanding of this little known yet Leading Edge Leadership and Team Development approach.

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