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In the smart machine age, the mastery of human nature is what will set us apart. 
Working with horses teaches you the art of mastering your own movements, thoughts, emotions and behaviour.  (quote adapted from Mark Rashid)



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"Art of Leadership" workshops
for teams

The "Art of Leadership" program engages the whole human learning capability  - mind, body, emotions and belief systems. Horses can bring you out of the regular office environment, to help you solve complex  challenges creatively as a team whilst developing your adaptive leadership competencies such as Change Leadership, Agility, Cohesiveness, Emotional Intelligence and Collective Goal Orientation.

for Individuals and groups

Are you on a personal transformation journey or dealing with a challenging situation? Whether you’re dealing with stress, or pursuing a career change, we aim to uncover the personal power within you that will propel you forward. Horse assisted coaching gives you rapid and unfiltered feedback from horses so you can make incremental improvements until you see the clear way forward. Insights gained during this process get etched in the cellular memory of the whole body as you walk with horses. That’s what makes it so special and unique.

HR solutions for Leadership and talent development

Are you a Human Resources leader looking for innovative development solutions that will build lasting leadership and organisational competencies? The current 'smart machine age', characterised by digitisation, automation and data, will need competencies such as humility, consciousness and connectedness to set leaders apart. Horses have existed 60 million years because of their herd oriented leadership characteristics. They inspire our 'higher self'.


'Horse Wisdom' For The Smart Machine Age


authentic self and agile collective leadership

The herd has been key to equine evolution over 60 million years. Collective leadership, agility in roles within the herd, astute presence of mind, intuition and instinct, inspiring TRUST within the herd - are a few things we can learn from them. Agility is becoming the new smart for humans.


We are creating a new world, dominated by augmented reality, robotics and a plethora of unknown paradigms. It will stretch our ability to cope and stay healthy in mind, body and soul like never before. Self-mastery will become key to success.

Personal Power and 'ego-lessness'

The working world is becoming more democratic. Hierarchical Power is proving less effective or engaging. Personal Power is what holds hearts and minds. Leaders that drive forward from a place of Humility, 'Ego-lessness' and Personal Power will succeed.

navigating vuca with ease

Our human world has recently (21st century) identified the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) nature of reality. Horses have navigated through 50 million years of constant change. Humans have evolved over 5000. They have millenia of wisdom we can tap into when it comes to change management.



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We like to be authentic and open about ourselves and what goes on in our lives that constantly teaches us new lessons. Early September 2018, Riddhima Kowley (founder and owner, Nirsara), had a life impacting injury to her left leg in a horse riding accident. Her leg has been in a metal frame ever since. This experience gives her new insights everyday on courage, mind-body relationship and self-leadership. Follow her learning journey, as she shares her everyday insights on Instagram.