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"Horsemanship is the
art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behaviour... "
- Mark Rashid

  • Horses teach us how to embody authentic self and collective leadership.
    The herd has been key to equine evolution. Collective leadership, agility in roles within the herd, astute presence of mind, intuition and instinct, inspiring TRUST within the herd - are a few things we can learn from them. Not just in theory, but in practise and embodiment. 

  • Horses draw out our Personal Power in a way that we cannot 'unlearn it' once learnt.
    The working world is becoming more democratic. Hierarchical Power is proving less effective or engaging. Personal Power is what holds hearts and minds. 

  • Horses accelerate our evolution to self-mastery.
    We are creating a new world, dominated by augmented reality, robotics and a plethora of unknown paradigms. It will stretch our ability to cope and stay healthy in mind, body and soul like never before. Self-mastery will become key to success. 

  • Horses teach us what it takes to adapt with grace to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
    Our human world has recently (21st century) identified the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) nature of reality. Horses have navigated through 50 million years of constant change. Humans have evolved over 5000.